A Quick Way To Step Your Game Up


Your out with the boys for a night on the town. You hit the pub to clink some glasses for a while, and soon enough you find yourself at your favorite nightclub. Your feeling good, and having a good time with the guys, what could go wrong.

That’s when you see her, a fucking stunner. Dressed to the nines, nails done hair done everything did, this girl is your dreamgirl, hands down. You lock eyes.

Stop right here, and let’s discuss what most men experience at this point. Approach anxiety can be a real son-of-a-bitch if not handled correctly. You get shakey, lose confidence which results in a loss in frame, self doubt creeps in and by the time all this happens she’s already laughing it up with another guy.

This is my favorite analogy(no pun intended) on Approach anxiety – It’s just like when you really have to take a shit. It’s uncomfortable, handled incorrectly can really mess up your night, and best of all, it happens to EVERYONE!

So, how can this be dealt with?

Remember that moment you locked eyes? This is your crucial moment, every second after this moment that you haven’t approached is only going to get weirder and weirder. Use a comfortable but direct opener when you begin a conversation with her, and you’ll find that this wasn’t as difficult as you thought.

Approach anxiety is just that – approach nerves. Once the approach is complete and a successful conversation is flowing the anxiety is well by the wayside. Take the second of nonverbal communication that SHE gave you, and act on it to create a genuine connection.

Simple as taking a shit.

Much Love!

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Your diamond in the rough


Sometimes in life you meet someone who changes the way you think about things. She challenges perspectives that were once left unchallenged. She has insight that changes the way you look at the world. You laugh harder then before when your with her, your conversations are riveting, intellectual, and she is unquestionably different from anyone else you have ever met. Time comes to a grinding halt when your with her, and for the first time in a long while, you feel genuinely happy again. When you first met her, you were mesmerized by the breath-taking beauty of her physical exterior. You became to know her on a deeper level, and you began to become captivated by the beauty of her soul. She is unlike anyone before her, and you venture to guess that she will be unlike anyone in the future either. This girl is special.

There is literally billions of people on Earth. By no means am I a believer in the concept of “The One”, because statistically speaking there are potentially hundreds of thousands of “the ones” out there for any given person. However, I do believe in the concept of genuine connection, that influences your feelings in a direct and real way. Now, when you meet that person that creates these deep feelings within you, its important to deal with them in an appropriate way.

“Some hearts can be stolen away with reckless abandon. However, some hearts must be patiently and confidently waited for until they are sheepishly given to you. These hearts must be handled with the upmost honesty, respect, and love. These are the hearts worth living for.”
-Matt William

If you have established a genuine and deep connection with a girl who blows your mind away, believe in yourself enough to not over sell it. Your own honesty, good natured wit and intelligence IS enough for her. She may have had a lot of crooks try and steal her heart in the past, she more than likely has been incredibly hurt and those wounds may be fresh. She needs time to heal, you can’t expect trust that you haven’t earned, no matter how amazing an individual you are.

There are so many men in the world that are working against us honest and genuine dudes. They lie, steal, and cheat their way into the hearts and beds of women, and then once they have gotten their fill they move on with no regard for the damage they leave in their wake, or the damage they have done to women’s general perspective of men. I have written an article called “Why being Genuine is Badass”, and to the motherfuckers in question I strongly encourage you read it.

Allow her the time to heal and understand that you arnt her ex. You arnt her friends cheating boyfriend, you arnt her cousins abusive spouse either. In time she will grow to see that you are you, pure and genuine. If you are truly being genuine, and you have established a deep emotional connection, and she has shown you intimacy…just stay true. She will come around when she is ready too, I promise that.

This is to a girl who got into my head with all the beautiful things she did.
Until next time,

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In Pursuit of Excellence


The process of learning which anyone experiences in their development of any skill is based on the principals of trial and error. You try something, and you find success. Those actions become associated with a positive outcome, and so the person is positively inclined to repeat those actions. Same thing occurs when you touch the hot element of your stove, say in a drunken stupor. The negative consequences of having seared burns on the palm of your hand will inevitably influence your decision to repeat those actions.

It’s a little graphic example, but it conveys the point pretty well. Things that end badly are bound to be avoided. This trial and error system has been a instrumental part of my development with social dynamics. When bridging the gap of communication with someone new, I experiment with a variety of different approaches. Some of these have been absolute gold – I’m talking cash money here. There have also been those approaches that end with you walking back to the team with them in tears of laughter, you know, the ones in the “Epic Fail” catagory.

The realization of this led me to some thinking. I began analyzing why some approaches were unsuccessful for me, from initial contact to finish. This process is something that I’ve really enjoyed, the key to bettering yourself is acknowledgement of your failures with full resolve to change them. This isn’t to accept failure, but to acknowledge that shit happens, and try and stop it from happening ever again.

What’s already done is done, but its what you do next that defines you.

With careful examination of errors I have been able to significantly grow in life and social dynamics. My interactions go deeper, further, longer, and to much better places. I’m meeting way more people then I was before, and the exchange of value is much higher.

That’s what’s up.

Isn’t this what lifes about after all, being able to communicate? It amazes me how many people just sauntered through the streets staring at the pavement. Everyone’s so concerned with where they gotta be, no one seems to notice where they are. Exploring social dynamics has opened up my eyes to all the cool encounters that one is exposed to throughout the day, and its pretty unreal.

Until Next Time,

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Creating “The One”


It’s been a long day. Work has been nothing short of overwhelming, your busy from sun up to sunset, and you have no time to yourself. However, somehow you manage to summon the energy to go out after work with a few friends. Your playing a few rounds of pool, and for a change your feeling good. Your energy is high, and your exuding a natural happiness, an aurora if you will.

That’s when you see her.

In a quick moments glance you see only a set of amazing crossed legs and a set of beautiful lips. On your second take she comes into focus. A beautifully slender physique, fashionably dressed with long brown hair. Her blue eyes lock yours and they are piercing, yet somehow inviting. She flashes you a coy smile, and sheepishly shifts in her barstool. Using this break in eye contact you quickly scan her supermodelesqe figure, and turn your attention back to the pool table.

This is your ideal woman.

The qualitys and traits that humans find attractive are varied drastically amongst society, and this accounts for the great amount of diversity that is seen in relationships. With a world full of so many different people, there is an infinite number if characteristics that one could choose from in their “special someone”

This relates to a close friend of mine that told me “If you ever want to find that perfect person, you need to know who it is your looking for.” Creating an ideal “image” of the person you want to be with not only reaffirms the physical qualitys which you find attractive, it forces you to take inventory of the internal qualitys you would want in someone else based on your own ethics and values.

Let’s not forget about the fundamental law of attraction either. Take an “If you build her, she will come” attitude when your thinking about the qualitys you desire. Be picky, and confident what what you want, because like it or not dude you pilot your own plane, and you are the only person in control of how you build your life.

Remember that Aurora of positivity you felt bursting out of your insides before? That played a significant part in you meeting that special someone. The energy that you put out to the world plays a direct part in the cards that the universe deals you, and I don’t know about you but I’m steady looking for that Royal Flush. By putting out the finest positive energy, you are undoubtably attracting the most positive and top notch people towards yourself, not just in dating but in work and everyday life.

And this my friends, is how your going to meet that person that lights up your life, that someone you can’t get enough of, someone you get more and more crazy about everyday instead of less and less. (You all know what I’m saying…)

Until next time,

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Reality Check


“Which road should I take?” said Alice to the Cheshire Cat.
“Well where are you going?” remarked the Cat
“I don’t know” said Alice
“Well,” the Cat said, “Then either road shall do”
– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Hello World.

I consider this blog to be my long awaited plunge back into the world of writing. Like many things in life, when we lose sight of our direction and go astray, we inevitably lose our dedication to those things which we once held dear.

Time passes, and we change. Humans are by nature reflective creatures, it is our ability to look back on life at the experiences we have had with a yearning childhood passion, and we once again long to swing, to bike ride, to have that first kiss again.

I longed to write. It’s been something that I lost in the hustle and bustle of day to day life, weighed down by expectations and responsiblity. However, in spending time with a select group of educated and intelligent people (whom shared experiences with these people will account for subject matter for my next few articles) ,I have re-discovered the power in simple documentation. The power of discussion and opinion, something which I once feared can he harnessed and controlled to push and better myself.

But enough about that, like great movies will show you, too much foreshadowing events to come will never win you an Oscar.

Do something you wouldn’t normally have summoned the courage to do today, you might be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Until next time,

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